Arab minority in Israel gets more radical
By Benjamin Birnbaum
Washington Times
June 22, 2010

Israeli Arabs: An Existential Danger to Israel
By Daniel Pipes
March 13, 2007
Updated May 28, 2007

Israel’s Domestic Enemy
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New York Sun
December 19, 2006

Israel’s Moment of Truth
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February 2000

Middle East Coexistence? On Aisle 2, Next to the Cornflakes|
By Lenny and Shellie Ben-David
Pajamas Media
August 11, 2010

Israeli Arabs and the Future of the Jewish State
By Eric Rozenman
Middle East Quarterly

September 1999, pp. 15-23

Israel Arab Demographics and the Law of Unintended Consequences.
By Daniel Pipes
August 3, 2003
Updated February 6, 2010

Muslim Zionism

The Jews are Going, The Arabs are Coming
By Daniel Pipes
May 17, 2009
Updated June 16, 2010

Muslim Zionism
By Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
June 6, 2006

The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem
By Daniel Pipes
Middle East Quarterly
Fall 2001, pp. 49-66

Mirror Image: How the PLO Mimics Zionism
By Daniel Pipes
National Interest
Fall 1994

Israeli-Arabs in the Israeli Government

Arab Member of Israeli Knesset Calls for Establishing a Great Islamic Caliphate that will include Israel MEMRI
May 12, 2010
Special Dispatch No. 2948

MK Ganaim Calls for Islamic Caliphate in Israel
By Roee Nahmias
May 5, 2010

In Their Own Words: Members of Israeli’s Knesset (Parliament) Speak
Compendium of Articles from December 12, 2004-July 27, 2010

Israeli-Arabs Prefer Living in Israel

Israeli Arabs and the Vote
By Uri Dromi
New York Times
March 26, 2006

Palestinians Who Cling to Israel
By Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
July 5, 2005

Palestinians Who Prefer Israel
By Daniel Pipes
The Jerusalem Post
January 2, 2008

The Hell Of Israel Is better Than the Paradise Of Arafat
By Daniel Pipes
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2005